Are you ready for renewal?

Your Ahpra registration renewal is due on 30 November 2023. Have you met your CPD goals, noted and reflected on them in your learning portfolio and are you up-to-date with your first aid? Then you are ready to for renewal! If not, check out the checklist below. The continuation of learning not only ensures competency in practice across your career but also leads to improved outcomes for patients.

In line with the CPD standard, chiropractors need to record a reflection on the learnings gained from all completed CPD. This includes noting what you have learnt and how you might use it to improve your practice. You must also plan and record learning goals, and the activities that you will do to meet these goals as well as record your final reflection.


To be sure you have satisfied the necessary requirements this checklist has been developed to help you identify the steps that you must complete to meet the Chiropractic Board of Australia (CBA) CPD registration standard. The Board has developed other CPD guidance documents to help you understand and comply with the CPD registration standards. These documents are referenced in the checklist.

  1. Identify and record your learning goals in your CPD portfolio (see Identifying your CPD learning goals).
  2. Plan and record your CPD activities in your CPD portfolio (see tips for planning your CPD).
  3. Make sure your planned activities meet the requirements of the CPD standard: (see CPD activities that meet the standard).
    a. improves patient outcomes;
    b. draws on best available evidence including well-established and accepted knowledge (supported by research where possible), to inform good practice and decision-making;
    c. improves your competence (performance and behaviour) and keeps you up-to-date in your chosen scope & setting of practice; and
    d. builds upon your existing knowledge.
  4. Keep evidence of the CPD activities which you complete.
  5. After you have completed each CPD activity, record your reflections on how it improved your practice in your CPD portfolio (see CPD reflection & CPD portfolio template).
  6. Keep a copy of your CPD portfolio.

Registration Open

Online registration renewal is now open. The registration renewal date for chiropractors with general or non-practising registration is 30 November 2023. For full details visit

Have you experienced difficulties fully meeting your CPD? Depending on the circumstances you may be eligible for an exemption. For further information and to access the application for exemption from continuing professional development form visit


The Chiropractic Board of Australia has published a range of documents and guides to help chiropractors understand all the requirements outlined in the revised CPD standard, including details on planning and reflections, record keeping and types of CPD activities. ACA have collated these resources into one page at