AICE Governance

AICE is governed by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) and has constructed an Advisory Board to oversee the operations of AICE, the members of which are listed below:

AICE Advisory Board Members

1. AICE Head

Adjunct Professor Henry Pollard

2. ACA Board Representative

Mr Alex Malley

3. A Chair from each Clinical Practice Group

Clinical Practice Group Committees comprise of members at Fellow, Titled Member and Member levels.

AICE Clinical Practice Group Committees

  • Chair – Dr Brad Immermann
  • Vice Chair – Dr Natalie Sharp
  • Education Officer – Dr Luke Nelson
  • Communications Officer – Dr Lyndall Daley
  • Events/Games Officer – Dr Teghan Butler
  • Research Officer – Dr Adam Gavine
  • Chair – Dr Helen Alevaki
  • Vice Chair – Dr Jacey Pryjma
  • Education Officer – Dr Esyltt Graham
  • Communications Officer – Dr Julie Uren
  • Research Officer – Dr Matthew Doyle
  • Committee Member – Dr Janine Kinahan
  • Chair – Dr Stephanos Kassabalis
  • Vice Chair – Dr Tony Cassis 
  • Education Officer – Dr Danielle Gregory
  • Communications Officer – Dr Eric Hansen
  • Research Officer – Dr Natessa Henville
  • Chair – Dr Peter McGlynn
  • Dr Carl Thistlethwayte
  • Dr Peter McCann