Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about AICE.

An AICE Chiropractor:

  • Meets additional educational requirements in the desired area of special interest
  • Possesses relevant training or clinical experience to meet the criteria,
  • Maintains continuing professional development standards to stay current and relevant to the clinical area.

A Clinical Practice Group is a group of professionals that are interested in a specific sub-discipline area who wish to advance their skillset for the betterment of the community and the profession. Clinical Practice Groups (CPGs) assist in development of career pathways for chiropractors who have special interests in specific clinical areas. CPGs work within the framework provided by the Chiropractic Board of Australia.

All chiropractors are eligible to join AICE CPG at Member level. Member level chiropractors may not necessarily wish to pursue advanced learning pathways. Those who wish to advance their skills via further education in their chosen area of interest can take the titling pathways to progress further up to the Titled Member or Fellow level.  

Your membership level will be determined based on your qualifications and experience within your relevant area of interest. ACA Students can join any CPG at no cost. All Chiropractors can join at Member level. If you wish to apply as a Titled Member or Fellow, please check the entry requirements within your area of interest, to ensure you meet the criteria for the level you are applying for. 

This category of membership is for Academic members of ACA who have obtained a higher research degree from a University and have published research. This category is intended for academically oriented chiropractors within the profession. Please click here to view the entry requirements for the General Category to check if you are eligible. 

The cost differs based on your level of membership. The table below shows the cost involved.  

ACA MembersStandard Fee (incl GST)
 Application Fee* (Titled Member/Fellow) $275.00 (waived for 2022-23)
 Annual Fee for Member Level $220.00
 Annual Fee for Titled Member/Fellow Level     $330.00
 ACA Student MembersFree

*Application fee has been waived for the 2022-23 membership period.
*All fees are listed in Australian Dollars and are non-refundable.
*An additional fee of $55 will be charged for those joining the AICE Sports & Exercise CPG. This is to cover the cost of your FICS membership.

Application fees can be paid securely online at the time of submitting your online form, and if approved, you can either pay your annual membership fee online or call us to pay over the phone via credit card. We only accept Visa or Mastercard.

All applications will be sent to the relevant AICE CPG committee for review and assessment. Applicants will be advised of the outcomes in due course. This process may take up to 2-3 weeks or longer depending on individual circumstances.   

The AICE title is a living qualification which needs to be maintained by meeting the below requirements each year: 

  • 25 hours of CPD per year in the relevant clinical area – this can be a total of 20 hours for mandatory AHPRA registration, and an extra 5 hours
  • Fully paid annual membership dues.
  • Appropriate use of AICE Titles.

According to the CBA Code of Conduct and Guidelines there are no recognised specialties for chiropractors. You must not use the term ‘specialist’ in any advertising because of the likelihood that such advertising would mislead or deceive the general public about your chiropractic skills, qualifications and experience. 

Infomation about the right use of Post-nominals is listed here. Only Titled Members and Fellows are eligible to use AICE Titles/Post Nominals. Chiropractors at Member level are not entitled to the use of AICE Titles/Post Nominals and do not possess any voting rights.