HR Service


The ACA HR Service is a dedicated human resources (HR) and industrial relations (IR) information service allowing members to access the accumulated knowledge of a professional, expert team.

It is designed to help you improve your staff management and productivity, facilitate teamwork and reduce the risk associated with understanding employment-related legislation.

Accessing the ACA HR Portal

Due to current concerns across Australia around data security, the ACA HR Service has transitioned to a brand new online HR Portal. This is to ensure that the ACA HR Service continues to provide high quality services and that ACA members can continue to seamlessly and securely access our suite of HR resources.

In light of this transition, only registered users are able to access the online resources portal. Any ACA member who wishes to register their access to the online HR resources will need to contact ACA via

For ACA members who have already
registered for the new ACA HR Portal

Click the button below to access.

Note: You may be prompted to sign in with the email address that is linked to your ACA membership.

For ACA members who have NOT yet
registered for the new ACA HR Portal

Please contact
to set up your access.

How does ACA HR Service work?

HR Hotline

Members can contact a workplace relations advisor directly by phone or email between 9:00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday. You can access contact details once you have logged in to the HR Service Portal.

Reference Manual and Technical Resources

Access information online including template employment contracts, job descriptions, template policies and procedures, information fact sheets, checklists and more.

Education and Training

The opportunity to learn through online seminars, plus regular updates as topical issues arise.

In addition, the ACA HR Service provides everything you’ll need to deal with IR and ensure employee legal compliance:

  • Fair Work Act 2009.
  • Relevant Modern Awards ie. Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2020.
  • Employment contract templates compliant with the National Employment Standards (NES).
  • Workplace health and safety.
  • Wages, salaries, hours, leave and holidays.
  • Promotion, demotion and discipline.
  • Termination of employment – dismissal and redundancy.
  • Other industrial agreements.

PLEASE NOTE: In instances when a member’s enquiry may be particularly complex or unique, you may be given an option to tap into paid services from Wentworth Advantage that are tailored to your specific needs.

About this Service

The service to be provided by Wentworth Advantage is a dedicated human resource and industrial relations information service where members of the ACA can tap into the accumulated knowledge and know-how of a team of professional HR and IR experts specialising in the fields of human resources, industrial relations, employment conditions and law, workplace health and safety and workers’ compensation.

The ACA HR Service has been designed to help ACA members gain a competitive edge in the management of their chiropractic practices, and/or employment relationships. This service is not an employee or employer advocacy service. It is a membership based service designed to provide factual employment relations information and support to both ACA members who may be both employers and employees.

This service will cover such areas as the Fair Work Act, the new Modern Awards, Wage rate sheets (for transitional provisions), Employment contract templates compliant with the National Employment Standards (NES), Workplace health & safety, Wages, salaries, hours, leave and holidays, Promotion, demotion and discipline, Termination of employment – dismissal, redundancy and other industrial agreements.

Referrals to Third Parties

Should the Employee Relations Advisor decide that the issue is best dealt with by a specialist or other professional, part of Wentworth Advantage’s advice to the ACA member will be for him/her to contact a person or body who is appropriately qualified to deal with the particular issue.

Examples of such referral include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment Related Disputes
  • Practice requires assistance in completion of Workplace Health and Safety Audit
  • Practice requires assistance in actually writing and producing Employee handbook
  • ACA member requests face-to-face meeting with HR Advisor to discuss issue

All of these types of services will be provided on a chargeable basis and practices will be advised at the time of referral that additional charges will apply.

In using this service it may be necessary for Wentworth Advantage to refer ACA members to third parties for assistance including to other sections or divisions of Wentworth Advantage. Where possible Wentworth Advantage will give ACA members a choice of referral services. ACA members are under no obligation to acquire services from any third party to whom they are referred by Wentworth Advantage. At the time of making any referral Wentworth Advantage will advise the relevant ACA member that the referral is a recommendation only.

ACA has engaged Wentworth Advantage Pty Ltd to provide ACA members with human resources and industrial relations information through Wentworth Advantage HR+ Service. The information available through Wentworth Advantage HR+ Service is general in nature and should be tailored to the particular circumstances of ACA members. ACA and their employees are not responsible for any loss or damage arising as a result of ACA members’ use of Wentworth Advantage HR+ Service.