Student Member

FREE Student Membership

Are you a student currently studying chiropractic at an Australian university or College? You can apply for FREE student membership with the Australian Chiropractors Association.

Being a student member of the Australian Chiropractors Association is a great stepping stone towards your future career as a chiropractor, providing valuable opportunities to connect professionally with fellow members while gaining unique insights into your chosen profession.


ACA’s vision for student members is to:

  • create a sense of community amongst Australian chiropractic students, from first year through to fifth year, and beyond;
  • facilitate a smooth transition upon graduation from student to practitioner;
  • foster students with an interest in leadership roles, both within their student communities as well as the greater chiropractic profession; and
  • connect students with practising chiropractors, to enable mentoring and networking opportunities.

Student Benefits

Joining ACA is an investment in your future. Student membership is free and ensures your entry into a network of Australia’s best in the chiropractic profession. You will have full access to key resources, tools and information to help support you in your journey.

  • Take up free, comprehensive student insurance offered by Guild Insurance.
  • Stay connected with our monthly publication, The Australian Chiropractor for all the latest issues and news in chiropractic.
  • Join AICE clinical practice groups for free.
  • Keep up-to-date with regular emails.
  • Discounted registration to ACA events, including our annual conference.
  • Access to the latest human resources and industrial relations information through ACA HR Service.

Student Podcast

Hosted by Marcus Yeo, Connect the Dots is a podcast designed to help chiropractic students connect with what they have learned at University with what to expect in practice life.