BACE: C-A Study

Back Complaints in Elders: Chiropractic – Australia (BACE:C-A) study

Lead by Dr Katie de Luca at Macquarie University is the ACA funded research project Back Complaints in the Elders: Chiropractic – Australia (BACE:C-A). The project is an internationally collaborative longitudinal study on low back pain (LBP) in older Australians.

It will determine the cost, satisfaction and outcomes of chiropractic care provided to older people with LBP. Importantly, this project closely aligns to the areas of high research priority outlined by the ACA which include:

  • chiropractic and the Australian healthcare system; and
  • the burden of disease and relevance to chiropractic.

Part of a large international collaboration, this project will provide the first comprehensive evaluation of the treatment of LBP in older Australians within a chiropractic setting.
The findings from this project have the potential to place chiropractors as important stakeholders as primary care providers of spinal healthcare to older Australians.

For more information on BACE:C-A or to find out how you can be a part of this observational study, contact the BACE:C-A team via