Introducing another New Member Benefit

10 hours of high-quality CPD at a discounted rate of 50%

The demand for high-quality and engaging CPD is now greater than ever. In order to celebrate Spinal Health Week and with this year’s theme of Headaches, ACA and CDI have teamed up again to offer you a 50% discount on another 10 hours of state-of-the-art neuromusculoskeletal education modules!

They have chosen five of their most popular online courses and packaged them together, just for ACA members. These are standalone, but if you took advantage of the last package, this latest one will build on that knowledge even further. 

This package will focus on the big 3 when it comes to headache – tension headache, migraine and cervicogenic headache. How do you differentiate between them and why is that so important for effective management?

The package normally costs $240 + GST and is now just $120 +GST.

Not only is online learning more cost-effective than ever, but it is time-effective and accessible anytime anywhere. The online learning consists of five of the CDI’s most popular programs packaged for ACA members exclusively. These include:

  • How To Diagnose Tension-Type Headache
    The classic wry neck. It’s common, it’s disabling, and it comes without warning. A patient wakes with sudden pain and is coming straight in. But what is happening in their neck? How do you work through those possibilities and make the most of a very small management window?
  • Migraine – What to Look for in a Child
    Without a doubt the most advanced imaging for the lower back. But how confidently can you assess it, order it and explain it? This program fast tracks our skills and arms you with a methodical search pattern that you can use over and over again.
  • Managing Migraine Headache
    Migraine is considered to be a ‘vascular’ headache and the role of the spine is often not appreciated. How would you justify your approach and explain the mechanism by which you could help?
  • Diagnosing Cervicogenic Headache
    We tackle a classic paradox. The patient who has a very mobile neck that is constantly stiff. If it’s not mechanically restricted – then what’s going on? We’ll see in this course that the answers may lie in the brain and more specifically a brain that has now lost fine motor control of the neck and is stuck in a learned pattern of stiffness. Not surprisingly, the traditional approach often fails with these patients, so we need to think differently.
  • Diagnosing Tension-Type Headache
    We take a look at the most common neurological disease that you’re managing in practice right now – but sometimes without knowing it. The teen overcome by headaches and anxiety during their high school years. The adult with jaw pain, gut sensitivity and increasing headaches. What do they have in common? An inherited sensitivity of the central nervous system that we call a migraine and if you can better understand it – you can better manage it.

These five online training programs capture the reality of practice and if you have completed any of these modules in the past, they can substitute for another equivalent learning program. The 10 online hours also form part of a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Training Program which can be counted towards potential board certification.

Never has there been a better time to learn online! So, get inspired and take advantage of this very special offer exclusive to ACA members.

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