Giving Back 2023: A Triumph of Chiropractic Philanthropy

Our Giving Back campaign for 2023 was a huge success and truly highlighted the endless generosity and altruism of our ACA members. This initiative, which resonated deeply with the ethos of giving and support, stood out for its extraordinary success, primarily driven by the heart-warming kindness of ACA members. Throughout the campaign, ACA members actively engaged in collecting and distributing donations, a gesture that significantly reinforced the sense of community and solidarity within the chiropractic profession here in Australia.

The contributions, generously provided by ACA members, patients, and community members, included a diverse selection of items such as toys, non-perishable goods, clothing, various food items, and toiletries, reflecting the wide-ranging support and involvement of the community in this initiative. The success of the campaign also highlighted the power of collective effort and the impact small acts of kindness can achieve, reinforcing the ACA’s commitment to fostering a culture of empathy and support within the chiropractic community.

ACA member, Dr Roi Cheng, Clinical Director of Croydon Chiropractic Centre takes great delight in participating in the campaign annually and this year was able to raise just under $1,000 in cash donations and over 240 toys!

“We just love doing our little part in bringing a smile to people’s faces during the holiday season. In fact, one of our chiropractors, Dr Giri Prasetya has been so touched by this initiative that he will be bringing the Giving Back campaign back to Jakarta, Indonesia, when he moves there next year to start his own practice!” says Dr Cheng.

We would like to extend a particular mention to the following practices who registered their participation in this year’s campaign.

  • Adam’s Back
  • Bendigo Chiropractic
  • Body & Brain Centre
  • Burnie Bayside Chiropractic
  • Cahill Chiropractic
  • Chelsea Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Cottontree Chiropractic
  • Croydon Chiropractic Centre
  • Donvale Chiropractic Centre
  • Family Chiropractic Charlestown
  • Farmer Chiropractic
  • George Street Family Chiropractic Centre
  • Gisborne Chiropractic Clinic
  • Health By Chiropractic
  • Hillarys Chiropractic and Wellness Professionals
  • Innate Chiropractic
  • Innervation Chiropractic
  • Kiama Family Chiropractic
  • Kingaroy Chiropractic
  • Metta Chiropractic health
  • Mid Murray Chiropractic
  • Mount Street Chiropractic Centre
  • Mt Martha Chiropractic & Sports Injury
  • My Family Chiropractor
  • OHANA Healing and Wellness
  • Pimpama Family Chiropractic Clinic
  • Rainbow Chiropractic
  • Sea and Sand Chiropractic Pty Ltd
  • Simply Health
  • Southern Family Chiropractic
  • Spine, Health & Stability
  • Spineline Chiropractic
  • Sugarland Chiropractic Centre
  • West Coast Back + Body Centre

There can be no doubt that the success of Giving Back sets a remarkable example for future initiatives, demonstrating how collective efforts and small acts of kindness can create significant, positive changes in our local communities.

The ACA’s Giving Back campaign thus stands as an inspiring model of community engagement and philanthropy, leaving a lasting imprint on both the givers and the recipients of this generous campaign.