Men’s Health Week: Embracing Holistic Wellness


Men’s Health Week is fast approaching and is celebrated around the world every year. This year, Men’s Health Week will take place between 10-16 June and is an opportunity to shine a pivotal light upon men’s health and the importance of empowering men and boys in all communities to talk about and support their emotional wellbeing and physical health in ways that are both tangible and life transforming.

Men’s Health Week provides a crucial platform for healthcare professionals and media outlets to unite in raising awareness about preventable health issues affecting men and boys and most importantly, underscore the need for the early detection and treatment of various diseases. Acknowledging the distinct health challenges encountered by men and boys during this week offers a crucial opportunity for communities, associations, and governments to join forces in collaboration. Together, they can offer support, guidance, and resources, fostering networking opportunities and partnerships aimed at prioritising the health and wellbeing of men and boys.

Studies indicate that a significant portion of men facing challenges or undergoing crises lack the confidence and empowerment to seek assistance.

We want to reach out to the men, boys, teenagers, elderly men in our lives and communities, and let them know they are supported, valued and can be open about the things that affect them. Through breaking down walls, we can change lives.

In anticipation of Men’s Health Week, we thought it would be great to reach out to our much loved father and son duo, Anthony and Joel Coxon, to hear their perspectives on Men’s Health Week.

Anthony Coxon, former ACA President, says Men’s Health Week is always an important week in his yearly calendar. As both a proud father to his son, Joel, now also studying chiropractic and a busy practice owner, Anthony expresses his concern over the tendency for men of all ages to unconsciously neglect their wellbeing and delay taking action to prevent health issues from arising.

“Men often neglect their health or are slow to take positive action to avoid health problems. I’ve often wondered if that’s the reason women outlive men! Having been in practice myself for more than 30 years and now with a son studying chiropractic, I’m acutely aware of the old adage, ‘Doctor, Heal Thyself’. At all stages of our career, we need to embrace self-love and self-care, and really nourish our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.”

Most importantly, Anthony acknowledges his role as a father and how Men’s Health Week presents an opportunity to be a role model as a parent.

“As a father, Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to not only reflect on my own health choices, but also how they may impact on behaviours of those close to me. Like it or not, having a son means being a role model. This is a role I’ve always cherished, and this includes having discussions about health to instil the value of self-care and wellbeing from an early age. My son Joel is now a third-year chiro student and carving out his own place in this world. By fostering open conversations with boys and teenagers, fathers are blessed with the opportunity to contribute to a legacy of healthier, happier generations to come.”

Joel Coxon, RMIT student and ACA member, says Men’s Health Week is an important reminder that when it comes to men and boys, healthcare is also about recognising that it can be multifaceted and holistic in nature “As a student studying chiropractic, celebrating Men’s Health Week resonates deeply with me, as it highlights the pivotal role holistic care plays in promoting overall wellness.”

Most importantly, Joel acknowledges that Men’s Health Week is not just a celebration, but a call to action:

“Men’s Health Week serves as a call to action, urging us to embrace vulnerability, break stigmas, and courageously address the physical and mental wellbeing challenges that often go unspoken. It’s about recognising that strength lies not only in muscles but also in seeking help when needed, fostering meaningful connections, and nurturing our bodies and minds with care and compassion.”

This Men’s Health Week, it is imperative that we rally together to raise awareness and provide safe places for men to seek the emotional expression they need. Together, we can make a concerted effort to recognise the signs of distress in the men in our lives and extend a supportive hand – whether they be husbands, partners, fathers, brothers, colleagues, teammates, or even gym buddies.

At the ACA, our priority is to cultivate a supportive environment where all members feel a sense of camaraderie and encouragement, particularly among our male counterparts. Ultimately, we aim for our ACA members to emerge as leaders within their communities, offering guidance on men’s health and facilitating access to necessary resources for those seeking support. Let’s seize this Men’s Health Week as an opportunity to make a meaningful impact now and into the future.